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Bunny is as cute and soft as a real bunny. She is sweet and adorable without a mean bone in her body. She loves to be picked up, held and petted.
This kitty was named Pocket because he is so small and compact he can fit in your pocket. He is a little sweetheart. He seeks attention, laps and being petted.
White Toes is a exquisite Siamese who is uncertain around humans. Although she is skittish, we can pet her. She never has her claws out, bites, hisses or growls. She has no aggressive tendencies at all. We are working with her and hope to gain her trust and affection.
Max is very playful. He loves to carry around his favorite toys in his mouth. His sister is Hazel, who is also available for adoption. Max has a great personality.
Hazel is a lovable and loving kitty who loves to play with her brother Max. She craves human attention.
Cinder's exact birth year is unknown. This senior cat will make herself comfortable in anyone's lap.
Rescued from Elpaso Animal Services.
Mai is a little shy but each day she is becoming more and more friendly. Once you have her in your arms, she enjoys being pet. She acts goofy when you talk to her, rolling on her back and giving you that look as if to say "give me some attention."
3-legged Fletcher lost his right back leg due to a severe compound fracture. He also had major dental surgery that has left him with just his upper canines. He is a adorable boy and has never had any problems getting around. He makes friends with other cats very quickly.
CJ is a big lover boy. He adores attention and likes to give kisses. A real gentle giant!
Gigi is a big, adorable and gentle kitty who adores people and follows them around. Gigi is friendly to cats. However, she does not like dogs, so we recommend she go to a home with no dogs.
Biskit is an precious and exquisite kitty. He has the cutest buff coloring. He is friendly but still a bit unsure about being a lap cat. We are guessing that will come in time as he ages and becomes more comfortable with the staff.
Brand new bags of cat food 14lb bag on sale for $9 each. Alamo Resale Thrift Store 816 tenth street
Top is super friendly and loves to cuddle.
Sookie is a feral cat. She was pregnant when she was rescued by Kitty City. She had her babies and they were adopted. We are working with her to gain her trust.
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